Here's another September and we have visited the beautiful Greek island of Cephalonia - a pleasant change of our working environment.

Our friends and partners from Backbase and Aldermore accompanied us on this trip and we are proud that we had the opportunity to improve our cooperation and enjoy together, bringing the best from our business culture styles.

For a short period, we have moved one part of our office to a little island paradise, with an aim to be warm hosts to our partners, no matter of location. Working together on this beautiful island was a great thing for all of us,  we have learned a lot from each other and we are looking forward to implementing our knowledge on future projects.

Our daily work routine was extended with great activities such as Yoga in the morning, late-afternoon Greek cuisine lessons and exploring the island and its beaches after working hours.There was also a time for us to arrange a barbecue party in the pool area, which gave us many great memories and fun times with our partners and team members. This was a new chance to get out of the daily work routine, bringing a lot of benefits to our employees. Reducing the level of stress improves productivity and for us in Gecko Solutions, it is very important that our employees are always relieved, refreshed and restful.

We are eagerly looking forward to summer 2018.