Gecko ICT Company was founded in July 2015 with a mission to provide successful software development solutions keeping up with world’s trends in IT industry. Our main business activity is Software Engineering, with development of integrated solutions included, from design to maintenance including solutions for hardware infrastructure as well. We have also developed certain number of special services, such as Internet Marketing and Network Solutions, which very often become an integral part of the finished product. Gecko Solutions team consists of skilled professionals and they are, like in most of the other companies in our area of activity, the foundation of our company. They also determine the character of the company, its philosophy and its values. Our teams are motivated and focused on achieving the goals set. We're working on three continents in twelve different countries. Diversity of our clients and cultures is genuine validation of our development concept, presenting as well the valuable experience in the segment of our international cooperation. We are not an offshore development company, but our clients are located in different parts of the world.

Mision and vision

The business philosophy, as being applied in our operations on a daily basis, influences to a large extent the definition of our enterprise’s mission. Our development is to be viewed in direct correlation with development of our clients. It is therefore our mission to create higher standards and make progress through innovative solutions. We see our future in achieving partnership’s relation with our clients, in sharing risks and benefits out of innovative solutions. We do not think we should be the best in the world or a leader in some of the areas but we should be the best option for our clients and partners. We have a plan how to achieve it.

Working with us

Cooperation is the key word in our business. Collaboration with clients is based on a true partnership where we achieve together all objectives previously set. Knowledge and experience of our team members and constant communication with clients present the working pattern of our company. Our aim is to deliver applications with rich and easily customizable interface that will be available for user’s service. We pay special attention to details so that our solutions fit into business practices of the clients and their ways of organizing the work processes. Our approach adds value to the economic attractiveness of the services we provide. In our company, you will often see the long term partner who is driven by his needs. Our recommendations are the projects that we have successfully carried out and those ones which we lead in continuation. An even better recommendation is the people and teams that have worked on these projects. We have carefully chosen and formed teams of developers consisting of qualified engineers highly skilled in a variety of IT technologies and business processes. Our team consists of individuals who are motivated to work, questioning and open to applying innovative solutions.

Our team

As mentioned, we have carefully chosen our team members. They have all met the standards in technical knowledge and we have jointly concluded that we can work together. The result is that we are all motivated to work on the new technologies and to overcome together the obstacles and comprehend the teamwork. Because of the philosophy and comprehension of work in our company we are very successful in communicating with clients and partners from different countries as well as in the creation of joint teams. The majority of the Gecko people possess technical vocations so that Gecko is largely an engineering company. Teams of designers and marketing experts provide different perspectives on the same issues, and clients from different meridians carry an international component. In our industry it is almost a rule that employees are mostly younger colleagues and although it is the case with us as well, we do not differentiate by age but by whether we share the same vision and approach to work with new colleagues or not. In addition to experienced engineers, an essential component of our work is collaboration with graduate students and recent graduates. Their enthusiasm and motivation for the work is infectious and is a blessing for any company. In the current and future projects, we need to work with multidisciplinary teams and on such projects we pay the special attention to communication and project management. That's exactly the reason why we have a large number of people who have the necessary experience and knowledge in these areas.